Pepper Spray Mace For Home and Family Defense

Many first-time homeowners are concerned about keeping their families safe from crime, and purchasing pepper spray mace is a good way to protect your property and your loved ones. Unlike firearms, pepper mace cannot permanently hurt a family member inadvertently, although you should always keep mace and other self-defense items far out of reach of children.Few people who buy pepper spray mace ever have to actually use it, but keeping it on hand is good planning for your family’s security. If you keep the device on a key chain, in your purse, or in your glove box, always be aware of where it is located and keep your younger children away from it. It’s also a good idea to brief your children about how dangerous the mace device is, and let them know that they should never touch it.In addition to practicing pepper spray mace safety with your children, you should also be aware that the unit itself will need regular yearly maintenance and replacement of cartridges. Mace cartridges do expire, and it’s a good idea to make a mental not about the expiration date and be sure to order new product when it is out-of-date.The actual application device will work with new refills and does not need to be replaced. If the applicator is manufactured well, it should last many years for you.Take some time to practice with any new mace pepper spray device you get, either with the real cartridge or with an inert, safe training cartridge. Invite any older family members who might need to use the spray to test it out with you, and be sure to help them with using the device if you have more experience.